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About Air France Airlines

Air France was founded in the early 40s, which is affiliated through Air France-KLM and is the country's national airline. It is located on Tremblay-en-France in the suburbs of Paris. It is a 4-star company with a Skytrax ranking and was among Europe's top on-time airlines in 2011.

Check-in of Air France Airlines

When you book your airline tickets, you can live a trip experience. The Air France Airlines Booking provides various features like prompt flights, reliable service delivery, French hospitality, competitive ticket prices and on-line check-in at Air France. you can fly in four different groups and need to check-in 30 hours* before the departure of your flight from Air France. You need to select one of the following two options for check-in:

  • Ticket number or booking reference
  • Loyalty program number

Air France Airlines Facilities

By choosing Air France Airlines, you can pick the business class flight for a high-class travel experience. This Air France Airlines Reservations for economy class is just perfect for a budget flyer. Air France Airlines’ unparalleled costs are providing all basic amenities. This also provides the following services for business people and frequent flyers:

  • Long flying ergonomic chairs.
  • Electronic charging points and access to the Internet.
  • A wide variety of tasty snacks and entertainment options.
  • Premium Economy provides superior convenience with competitive prices.
  • Take advantage of the wide chairs.
  • Entertainment touch-screen choices.
  • Meal choices and stress-free travel.

Air France Airlines Baggage Policy

The number of checked luggage items you will carry free after Air France Flight ticket booking depends on your cabin, fare and the status of Flying Blue, while you are a part of. Air France Airlines suggested that there is no extra fee included in the fare of a ticket in the number of checked baggage items. When you pick your flights your luggage allowance will be revealed. You can find custom baggage allowance details on your ticket in the My Purchasing section of the website after booking of your ticket. Air France Airlines' checked luggage allocation, which is stated in the cabin, is as follows:

  • You can buy an additional checked baggage option in the Economy cabin (light fare).
  • You are entitled to 1 checked luggage object up to 23 kg / 50 lb in the Economy cabin (except for Light Tax).
  • 2 checked luggage items weighing up to 23 kg/50 lb are entitled to be included in the Luxury Economy cabin.
  • 2 checked luggage items up to 32 kg/ 70 lb each is included in the Company Cabin.
  • 3 sets of luggage up to 32 kg/70 lbs are available at La Première cabin.

Air France Airlines Cancellation Policy

You have to fill in a form that allows you to request a refund of your ticket or voucher, under Air France Airlines Cancellation policy. As you can Book Air France Flight tickets at a travel agent or on the website of aviation firm, you need to call them directly for more information on cancelling of tickets. Air France Airlines has stated the need to ensure that you have cancelled your reservation before the departure date of your flight, before applying for a refund or voucher. The cancellation and refund form includes the following details, which must be filled out:

  • Personal Information
  • Trip Details
  • Reason For Request
  • Processing Method
  • Initial Payment Method

Bookings for more than 32 destinations can be made for Air France on six continents. It also provides freight services in 91 countries and is evident in most parts of the country.

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