Finnair airline is a Finland-based airline headquartered in Helsinki airport. It is a dominating airline in Finland that covers most of the national and international destinations. Till now, they carry more than 11 million passengers. It covers 116 destinations that including Europe, Asia, and North America. 

If you are looking for the safest and best airlines, then Finnair airlines is the best choice. Even, Finnair is listed as one of the safest airlines in the World. We have discussed how you can make Finnair Airlines booking and what policies you should know about in pre-requisite. 

How to Book a Ticket with Finnair Airlines 

Are you a first time flying with Finnair? Follow the below-mentioned steps. You can follow the process online. 

  • Visit the official site of Finnair Airlines 
  • Go to the booking option 
  • Provide general information, like 
  • Destination name in “from” and “to” option 
  • Number of passengers 
  • Use premium code, if you have
  • Search for the flight and choose one that is satisfactory for you and meet the expectation. You can go with Cheap Finnair flight booking too for getting low fare tickets.

Finnair Airlines Check-In Policy 

Check-in is important to get the boarding pass. You cannot do this at the last minute of the departure. 

  • Online check-in is allowed up to 36 hours of flight departure. 
  • Visit the Website of Finnair Airlines 
  • Click on the check-in option  
  • Provide your last name and confirmation number or ID 
  • Select the booking and follow the instruction  

Finnair airline provides an offline process too. In this, you have to make sure that you reach the gate on time. The gate can close 15 minutes before the departure. 

Finnair Airlines Facilities 

With Finnair Airlines reservations you will receive numerous things, such as:

  • Online check-in process 
  • Premium services through Finnair plus program 
  • Special care for aged and infants 
  • Offer the best food and beverages 
  • Skip the long-line of security check (if you have any kind of premium services or aged, then you can leverage this facility)

Finnair Airlines Baggage Policy

Choose Finnair seat reservation online method find hard to understand about baggage policy and cancellation policy? We have compiled all the information below. 

  1. Carry-on Baggage 

  • For business and Finnair plus travelers, two bags are allowed. 
  • Weight should not cross 10kg and dimension should be 56x45x25cm
  • For other travel classes, one piece is allowed that should not exceed 8kg. And length should be 56x45x25cm. 
  1. Checked Luggage

  • One checked bag is allowed in economy class. The weight should not exceed 23kg. 
  • Two check bag is allowed for business class. The weight should not exceed 32kg. 

You can add more baggage too, but for that, you have to bear some additional charges. It depends on the weight and type of bag. Again, it should be clear before you book Finnair flight tickets. 

Cancellation Policy of Finnair Airlines 

  • Cancellation depends on your ticket type
  • You can get the full refund if your ticket is:

o   Full refundable

o   Cancellation made by the airlines that are involuntarily cancellation

  • If you cancel the ticket within 24 hours, then you might have to pay some charges.  
  • For international flights, you can make a last-minute cancellation, but there will be some cancellation charges. 
  • Cancellation can be made online and refund depends on the type of payment you will make. 

Still, having doubts regarding reservation and managing booking? Then you can reach out to customer support of Finnair that provides services at any time of the day. 

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