Westjet airline is a Canadian-based airline headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada founded in 1996. It covers more than 100 destinations including the United States and Europe. This airline carries more than 66,000 per day. For this reason, it is the second-largest Canadian air carrier. 

The services provided by this airline is unique and user satisfactory. For this reason, maximum users choose Westjet for traveling. If you are planning to go somewhere, then go with Westjet airlines, and uplift your traveling experience. We have covered everything about low-cost Westjet Airlines booking deals you can read them below and discuss a few more important things.

Check-in Policy of Westjet Airlines 

The first-time flyer finds it hard to understand the check-in policies, and tangle themselves during the process. Westjet airlines provide both online and offline check-in facility. We have discussed both of them below.

  1. Online Check-in service 

If you are looking for a convenient way of check-in, then an online check-in service is the best option. 

  • Visit the official site of Westjet airlines or Type “Westjet airline check-in”
  • Click on the “check-in” option on the homepage 
  • Provide the necessary details, like customer ID and last name
  • Click on the one that you want to board. 
  • Press continue to check-in process and provide all the details that are mandatory to provide
  • Click finish once you end providing the details 
  • It should be done 24 hours or 45minutes before the departure of the flight
  1. Offline Check-In Process 

In this, you have to visit the airport 3 hours before the departure. It may take time, but if you are confused with the online one, then go with the offline one.  

However, despite completing the online check-in, you might have to go through the offline too. 

Facilities by Westjet Airlines  

Westjet airline is quite eminent for its services and hospitality. 

  • Carry luggage from the doorstep: When you do Westjet Airlines reservations, and if you are aged, then the Westjet team will help you to carry the luggage. 
  • Avoid long queue of security check: If you have a premium ticket, then you can easily go for the quick security checkup. 
  • Good meals and beverages: In long haul flights, one has to rely more on the food, and it plays an imperative role to uplift the experience. 

Baggage Policy of Westjet Airlines  

You cannot carry the luggage blindly; there is some certain condition that you have to satisfy. 

  • It relies more on the ticket’s fare 
  • In economy class, you can carry two bags. One should be 25Kgs and the other should not exceed 10kg. However you can carry up to three bags or four bags, but for additional luggage, you have to pay extra money. 
  • Charges will depend more than Kgs and there are some restricted items too that you can learn while booking. 

Cancellation Policy of Westjet Airlines 

If you have gone with Westjet Airlines flight booking online, then you must aware of the cancellation policy. 

  • 24-hour cancellation policy: If you want to cancel the booked ticket then it should proceed 24 hours before the flight departure time. 
  • For domestic flight cancellation, you may receive the refund in the form of credit or miles that you can use later for future flights. 
  • For international flight cancellation, you may get a refund but make sure that the process should be done within 24 hours before.  

We have covered everything from how to Book WestJet flight tickets to policies of cancellation and baggage. For more information, you can connect to the customer support that is active for you 24 by 7. 

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