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Does Qatar Airways give blankets?

Yes, Qatar Airways do provide blankets to each passenger on board. Along with a blanket, the flight attendant also provides a pillow to everyone. So, this makes you comfortable such that you don’t need to carry any pillow and blanket along with you for travel purposes.

Is there free WiFi on Qatar flights?

Yes, Qatar Airways provides free wifi to every passenger. With free wifi, you can enjoy every bit of your journey. You can watch any movie, listen to any music, look for web series, enjoy social media, and many more. Wifi is very important at every stage. You can enjoy your journey by connecting the wifi with your device. Also, there is no limitation to access wifi. You can use it unlimited.

Does Qatar economy have WIFI?

Yes, Qatar Airlines have wifi for economy class also. Wifi provides multiple benefits once you connect your device with the available wifi at Qatar Airways. This will allow you to listen to your favorite song, watch your desired movie, and connect with your family and friends through social media. 

Are Qatar Airways social distancing on flights?

Yes, Qatar airways social distancing on board is very important. You have to maintain social distancing at every step. This is very important for every passenger as social distancing is compulsory for the safety of the passengers. Apart from this, passengers have to follow the COVID rules to ensure the total safety of the passengers on board. Proper sanitization and face masks are other important factors that you need to take care of. So, try to maintain social distancing at every step. Also, contact the Qatar Airways customer service team to know more COVID rules in order to be safe.

Do you have to wear a mask on Qatar Airways?

Yes, Qatar Airways want every passenger to wear masks on board. Passengers have to follow Qatar airways mask policy 2021 that states that passengers have to wear masks continuously. Also, some of the passengers are exempted from wearing masks. Such passengers are those who have a hidden disabilities card, mask exemption card, or medical certificate due to a medical condition. Also, children below six years of age (including infants) on all Qatar Airways flights are exempted to wear masks on board.