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What Happens If TAP Portugal Cancels My Flight?

TAP Portugal is the airline that provides its passengers to travel around 34 countries. Passengers can have the best deals and offer to book their flight through TAP Portugal. If passengers are traveling to their trip destinations on TAP Portugal, the airline cancels the flight due to some inconvenience. Do passengers also ask questions about What happens if TAP Portugal cancels my flight? There are many options which customers can choose when the flight gets canceled or delayed by the mistake of airlines. Some of the ways are given below:

  • If an airline cancels the passengers' flight, they can ask for a refund from the airline.
  • The airline must give compensation on the canceled flight.
  • There are different rates for the compensation according to the delay of the flight. Some are given below:
  • For up to 1500 kilometers, compensation is around $280.
  • From 1500 to 3500 kilometers, compensation is around $450.
  • For then 3500 kilometers, compensation is around $675.
  • There is much other compensation provided by the airlines during delayed flights such as telephone calls, refreshments, transportation to the airport and from the airport, accommodation at the arrival.
  • The airline will offer the passengers alternative flights of the same destinations and exact timing. 
  • Suppose the passengers do not accept the option of the alternative flight. They can ask for compensation or a refund from the airline.
  • Passengers should not accept the vouchers given by the airlines after the cancelation of the flight as airlines owe the customer a monetary refund.
  • The airline should inform the passengers about the canceled flight 2 weeks before the flight's departure.
  • There can be some circumstances when an airline can deny the passengers' claim.
  • In the circumstances like political issues, natural disasters, collisions, or ill passengers, a refund will not be claimed by the airline.

In severe cases, passengers can Cancel a Tap Portugal flight on their own. If the airline cancels their flight, follow the steps given above.