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About Fox Car Rental: Rent a car with FOX

FOX is a USA-based company that works as a global provider of mobility solutions at a low cost. It has a fleet of 20,000 vehicles offering a vast option of foreign or domestic vehicles. FOX is a leading company allowing Fox car hire to travelers to visit various locations at their desire cover under the route of the operation of this rental car service.

FOX is operating on 20+ locations in the USA including the major ones like Vegas, LA, Miami, and Orlando. However, they also have an affiliation with partners in Canada, Mexico, or Central America. The Fox Rental Cars operates there to provide them with the required luxury. It has a skilled workforce of more than 1000 professionals providing high-quality services to its customers.

How to book a Fox car rental service?

If you want to book a Fox car rental, You can use Fox mobile app or contact Fox car rental customer service for reservations and do it online via the website.

Book Fox Car Rental Service Via Mobile App:

To book a Fox car rental service through a mobile app, You only need to it download and install it on your mobile device. 

Mobile app link to download:



Steps to book a Fox car rental online-

  • Visit the valid FOX car rental website and select the car hiring booking section.

  • Enter the Country and the location of the pick-up and drop-off points.

  • Choose the schedule and click on the Get Rates option.

  • Select your vehicle or Add-ons in the required sections.

  • Reserve your vehicle by paying the required fee to its booking engine.

  • Get the confirmation email for the booking of your car hire.

Book Fox Car Rental Via Customer Service Reservations Number

Alternatively, you can connect with the Fox car rental customer service team via phone at (323) 593-7485 and gain assistance from the support team of FOX rental of cars. Connect with them using the customer service team and finish the Fox car rental reservations process. You will be able to finish the booking method by contacting any OTA.

Does FOX car rental need any deposit?

FOX has a concrete rule in which it applies deposit fees to all its customers. This security deposit rent ranges from $100 to $1000. It majorly depends on the type of car your hire for your travel. You can accomplish the Hire Fox car rental job by paying this deposit fee to its company directly. This deposit is extremely nominal when we compare it with the modes of the services available.

The user will get this deposit when he gets in touch with its customer support and using the services provided by him. Getting in touch with its support to achieve the Fox rent a car service and gain the necessary help from its support about the deposit fee and how to get it back from FOX.

What is the Fox hire a car deposit fee?

As per the rules of the Fox car rental agency, every customer should pay the necessary deposit fee. This deposit fee is $400 for the customer service you use to contain its customer service. You can obtain the Fox car rental deals only when you finish the deposit fee to its customer. The deposit fee is a vital portion of the car rental reservation process.

Does Fox car rental have any hidden fee?

Well, it depends on your situation and the booking process and the terms & conditions of the location where you are renting the car. It does not charge any hidden fee but there are some fees that are not expressed during the Fox car rental booking process. But, they are included at the time of the checkout section of the flight reservations deals.

How to contact Fox rental car support?

Contacting FOX is a fantastic way to express your concern about this car hiring service and use that at full potential. This is feasible by using the fox rent a car phone number and talking to its live person regarding the issue you encounter while using the services of this car hiring agency for various locations.

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