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About Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty established in 1958 and its headquarters in Estero, Florida. Thrifty Car Rental is a subsidiary of The Hertz Corporation. Thrifty is a recognized brand in the travel industry and it is one of the largest car rental companies in the world.

Does Thrifty Car Rental offer AAA discount?

Thrifty car rental provides the best car renting services to the customers. They can do thrifty car rental booking online by performing some easy yet effortless steps. Also, Thrifty car rental services offer several discounts to their customers at a time. You can avail of AAA discount by which you can save a huge amount. For further inquiries about the AAA discount, you can visit the official web portal of Thrifty car rental. On the home page, you will get to know about the details of the discounts in one go.

How much of a hold does Thrifty put on your credit card?

You can go for thrifty car rental deals in order to save your money to the maximum. However, you can pay for your ride via credit card also. Thrifty car rental accepts card of Visa, MasterCard, and Discover debit cards. This will allow you to save a lot of money. You can hold at the time of renting a car at Thrifty car rental. The fund that you will hold will not be available for your use. For credit card users, they have to hold the rental charge along with $200 while debit card users have to hold the rental charge along with $500.

Does Thrifty Car Rental require a deposit?

There is almost all the car rental company that needs a deposit. So as in the case of Thrifty car rental, you need to deposit some amount. This amount needs to be paid at the time of booking your car at Thrifty car rental. You can book thrifty car rental online by performing some basic steps. Also, you can Thrifty car rental company will put a hold on your card. The card can be your debit or credit card. You have to deposit the amount at the time of renting a car from Thrifty Car Rental Company. Meanwhile, this car company will comprise a total amount of booking along with the security deposit in case of any late returns or additional fuel charges. 

What is the deposit amount for Thrifty Car Rental?

If you are looking for renting a car and searching for thrifty car rental near me, then you should visit the car rental company online. Book your reservation there and provide some deposit after which you are good to go. Since all the car rental companies want a deposit of some amount for renting a car so as with the Thrifty car rental company. You have to deposit a particular amount in order to rent a car. You can access your debit or credit card for online booking and deposit. Generally, customers have to hold their banking cards for holding purposes. If they are using their credit card for the holding purpose, then deposit the rental charge along with an additional $200.00. For a debit card, they have to deposit a rental charge along with $500. 

Can you rent a car at Thrifty with a debit card?

Yes, you can easily book your car at Thrifty car rental using a debit card. Customers find debit cards easy for payment or booking purposes as they do not have any extra fits. You have to pay your rent charges along with $500. This extra amount belongs to the security charges for delays and fuel. You can easily book your car at Thrifty car Rental Company. Simply go to the official web portal of Thrifty car rental where you will see some blank spaces asking for your details such as travel destination and departure. Fill in all the details and book your car without putting in any effort. Moreover, you can dial the thrifty car rental reservations phone number in case of any issue. The customer representatives are always present there to help and guide you in a perfect manner. You can take help from them 24/7. 

Where do I find my thrifty confirmation number?

When you book your car at Thrifty car rental, you will get a confirmation form. At the top of the confirmation form, you will see the confirmation number of your booking. This number will help you out to take a car from Thrifty Car Rental Company. Moreover, you can dial the thrifty car rental phone number for any sort of issue. The customer representative will receive your phone call and ask for your doubts. Clearly explain the doubts that you are having regarding the Thrifty car rental. Once they understand your doubts, they will provide the finest solution to overcome them within a minute. They are available from dawn to dusk in order to help and guide you in the perfect manner.  



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