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Does Lufthansa Airlines Now Begin to Operate from India?

Does Lufthansa Airlines Now Begin to Operate from India?

Is Lufthansa operating now from India?

Do you want to know if Lufthansa Airlines has now started to operate from India or not? Well, all international airlines have stopped operating from India for a long time due to the Corona pandemic. But now, each of them is resuming flight operations from India one by one under the bubble agreement. Likewise, India and Germany have finally reached a reasonable agreement and, as a result, Lufthansa Airlines flights have started operating from India. More specific information about Lufthansa operating now from India can be gathered by going through the information below.

Know the Details on Does Lufthansa Airlines Now Begin to Operate from India?

India and Germany have approached a fair agreement under the air bubble arrangement on flights to be operated by airlines of both countries. More details about Lufthansa Airlines to India now operating are given below.

  • Lufthansa has now begun operating four flights to and from Delhi weekly and three every week from Mumbai and Bengaluru.
  • According to the Air Bubble Agreement with Lufthansa, passengers can fly between India and the EU on these airlines.
  • In October, Lufthansa started operating flights to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore.
  • Chennai will have to wait for some time before it can get Lufthansa flights due to the number of flights that are approved by Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Lufthansa Airlines can also allow more flights from India proportionately while maintaining equity as the primary factor between both sides.

Lufthansa Airlines booking from India is allowed to the people as the flight has now begun operating under the Bubble Agreement. In addition, to learn more about the terms and conditions on which you can reserve a seat on flights operating from India, you can also contact the Lufthansa Airlines customer service department and get assistance from their executives who obtain more knowledge on does Lufthansa Airlines now begin to operate from India.