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How Early Should I Arrive For a Porter Flight?

How Early Should I Arrive For a Porter Flight?


To know how early should I arrive for a Porter flight, check out the check-in policy of Porter airlines. For more details on this readout this blog and get in-depth knowledge of the check-in policy of Porter flight.

How Early Should I Arrive For a Porter Flight Check-in?

  • Once the passengers make the airline booking, they are concerned with how early they have to reach the airport to board their plane.
  • Porter airlines have been providing the most excellent services to its passengers. You can get the best services and facilities in this airline and make your travel the most memorable one.
  • You can go for the check-in in Porter airlines as soon as possible. But, have you got the answer to the question, “How early should I arrive for a Porter flight?”
  • Well, it takes time to complete the formalities at the airport. Getting to the airport, going through the security, and completing the check-in process takes time, so it is recommended for you to arrive early at the airport.
  • You should check-in at the airport no later than 60 minutes before the domestic flights. If you are taking an international flight, you need to arrive at the airport 90 minutes prior to the flight's scheduled departure.

You should also go through the Check-in policy of Porter flight or contact Porter Airlines customer support to get more information on this. The policy will make you clear with the rules about how and when you can check-in at the airport.

Check-in Policy of Porter Flight:

  • The Porter flight passengers can check-in by the methods like:
    • online check-in
    • automatic check-in
    • self-service, or
    • at the ticket counter.
  • The check-in process starts 24 hours and ends 60 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • You can check in 30 minutes to 4 hours in the case of self-service kiosks.


Can we check in with basic fares in Porter airlines?

Electronic boarding is not issued to passengers with the basic fare. You can get this if you are a VIPorter member with Priority or First status.

Will I get the boarding pass for the entire journey if I have booked the connecting flight?

Yes, you will receive a separate boarding pass for your flight when you check-in and when your connecting flight is operated by this airline.

What can you do if you have already checked-in and you need to change your reservation?

If your reservation is eligible for online changes, then you can change the flight online.

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