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What Happens If Porter Cancels a Flight?

What Happens If Porter Cancels a Flight?


What Happens If Porter Cancels a flight?

Porter is a low-cost carrier of Canada that operates between Toronto and Canada. Porter is known in the aviation market for the kind of services it provides to all its customers and all the passengers. There are policies for customers when they cancel their flights. That means if you are cancelling the flight then you there are the certain necessary point that you need to keep a note of. But there are also cases when the airlines cancel the flights. In this case, there are some steps the airline is obligated to.

If the Porter flight gets cancelled, then it will be helpful to know the Porter flight delay policy and how the airline will compensate for it. All the major airlines have different policies for this purpose.

What Will Porter Do if Porter cancels a flight?

If the case is of Porter airline cancelling your ticket then there are certain things you can demand from the airline. The airline makes sure that it compensates its customers and passengers for Porter Flight diversions. Following are the things that the airline will do in case of cancellation -

  1. As soon as the airline gets the information regarding the cancellation of the flight, they will update all the passengers regarding the same. You can get the information via the local travel agent or the local airport, through the app of the airline, or the online portal. If not then you are free to call customer care support.
  2. After that Porter makes sure that as an act of compensation all the passengers get transferred to another flight that is available. The information regarding this given to the passengers within 30 minutes.
  3. If there is no transfer option available then you can get the option of rebooking and you do not have to pay for that.
  4. If the rebooking is done is to be done after the period of 48 hours then you will get a message explaining how you can rebook for your next flight.
  5. If the rebooking is something that you do not want then you are in the position of getting a refund. You will get the refund only if the cause of the cancellation of the flight was an involuntary one.
  6. Apart from this if you are at the airport then you will be provided with mean and necessary requirements.

It is to be noted that all of the points of the Porter Flight Delay Policy are only applicable if the reason behind the cancellation of the ticket was something that is out of the reach of the airline & if Porter cancels a flight.

Apart from this, you can directly contact the Porter airlines customer support number by using its toll-free number 1-802-357-7082. 

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